Blackcomb Software

Advise. Envision. Implement.


Blackcomb is a New York City based IT Solutions & Service provider with expertise in blockchain technologies, distributed consensus systems, financial software systems, banking technology and banking and investment software. We believe in rapid delivery of business value as a core principal. We practice an iterative, incremental and evolutionary approach to project delivery. We execute based on our mantra: Advise, Envision, Implement.

Advise: Blockchain technology is an emergent phenomena that is constantly evolving. It is a highly technical domain which blends cryptography, game theory, economics, distributed networking, fiscal policy and much more. Through our experience and global network of technologists, economists, and thought leaders Blackcomb separates the signal from the noise in order to deliver high value information to clients.

Envision: The genesis of the Bitcoin Blockchain has enabled a new generation of thinkers to re-envision financial and technological systems infrastructure in ways never before imagined. Coupled with the emergence of the sharing economy and the coming Internet of Things paradigm, Blackcomb is investing in future use cases that augment today's business practices.

Implement: A pillar of Blackcomb is technological excellence. We have advised and developed software for clients and partners whose aggregate market cap is over a half trillion dollars. We take pride in our implementation process and ability to execute and deliver.


Financial institutions are faced with the need to adapt and evolve in the face of disruptive change. Blackcomb is your partner in navigating Blockchain technology. From teaching to delivery, we pride ourselves on enabling our clients to reach their ambitions with blockchain technology.

  • Private Blockchain Deployments
  • Smart Contract system design
  • Cryptocurrency consulting
  • Social Impact Initiatives
  • Cryptographic key management
  • Application security
  • Blockchain application prototyping
  • Crowd Funding Campaign Management